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Read the information below and complete the form labeled Acceptable Use Policy, Chromebook Agreement and Release of Information.

Student Education Technology Acceptable Use Policy & Safety

2 years ago

By Danielle Peterson

The School District of Wabeno Area provides its students and staff access to a multitude of technology resources. The District believes that these resources provide incredible opportunities to enhance learning and improve communication within our community and with the global community. The advantages of having access to these resources are far greater than any potential downside. However, with the privilege of access comes great responsibility for students, teachers, staff and families. The District expects all community members to exercise appropriate personal responsibility in their use of these resources. Our policies are intended to promote the most effective, safe, productive, and instructionally sound uses of networked information and communication tools. In accordance with School District of Wabeno Area Policy 7540.03,the district makes every effort to protect its students from exposure to Internet materials that are harmful or explicit. The District maintains a system of Internet content filtering devices and software controls that meet federal standards established in the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).


By signing this form you acknowledge that you have discussed the rules and regulations of this agreement with your child(ren) and understand you or your child are responsible for any fines or damages that may occur with device use. Please fill in the following information to acknowledge your acceptance of this agreement.

Fill Out the Acceptable Use Policy, Chromebook Handbook and Release of Information Form

*If you do not agree, you are opting out of school technology use. This includes Chromebooks, ipads, and any other device that connects to the internet.   Each student must have signed permission on file to be granted access to Computer, Network and Internet Use.